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Why Do People Smoke Cannabis?

There is a concern that is often asked – why do individuals smoke marijuana?

Worldwide, marijuana is the most generally used road drug. A 2007 study discovered that 14.4 million individuals in America alone had smoked cannabis at the very least once in the last 30 days.

There is a range of reasons that individuals take drugs and also we certainly do not have all the solutions. However, there are some timeless mental factors that people begin and also continue to smoke weed that we can explore.

Mental reasons

The emotional factors for taking medicines can be comparable to the reasons that individuals make purchases, browse through particular internet sites or select a spontaneous or short-lived course of action at any type of specific time.

While dopamine transmitters comprise just 1% of the mind they “are wired” in one of the most important parts.

Dopamine is commonly associated with the “reward system”, supplying sensations of satisfaction and also reinforcement to motivate an individual to execute certain activities.

Dopamine is launched as well as compensates experiences such as food, sex, as well as medicines.

The feature of dopamine transmitters isn’t fully comprehended but it could discuss a selection of “prompts” inhuman actions. We will naturally be attracted to any activity that provides a benefit. It might describe why humans will take medications for an instant reward when a long-term adverse effect is fully comprehended.

Right here is an action flow diagram that may explain the process:

Need for life to transform > Take action > Obtain benefit > Find out association
We’re conditioned to look for food and also are rewarded with nourishment along with a “dopamine benefit” which is then found out so the procedure can be repeated. Medications can likewise offer us a positive experience (the “high”) and this paired with a “dopamine incentive” which is then “discovered” as well as encourages habitual actions.

This would certainly clarify the circular causation that several addicts experience. They are burnt out (cravings), take medicines (nourishment), are rewarded, learn the organization, and then the following time the favorable associations are reinforced hence developing a practice.

So, we all have dopamine transmitters yet just several of us take drugs. So what are the various other reasons?

To fit in/ peer pressure

Among the strongest psychological elements to discuss actions is known by a range of expressions such as “monkey see, ape do”, “peer pressure” and also “social proof”. This can be called a duplicating or simulating of behavior we see around us.

For numerous factors, we are conditioned to do as others around us are doing. So, just sufficient, if there are a lot of people around us, we are likely to do the same.

This pressure to fit in can be much more powerful among more youthful individuals as most of us know. Nevertheless, taking drugs simply to fit in is not the whole picture and also needs to never ever be comprehended by doing this. Nonetheless, it may be a contributory variable.

Duplicating of good example/ hero

Another reason people smoke weed is allied to the previous factor of copying behavior. People naturally try to copy the actions of individuals that are held in esteem by a colleague. So duplicating the medication-taking behaviors of celebrities can be discussed by doing this.


Several of the most essential good example for the majority of people are their parents. Many children “discover” to consume alcohol from their moms and dads and after that when the impacts of this drug aren’t appreciated marijuana can appear a preferable alternative.


In a similar way, depending upon the individual and also the “stage” in teenage years or young the adult years, smoking turf can look like a method of distinguishing themselves from their moms and dads.


Life for everyone can be stressful sometimes. Youths are specifically prone to sudden bouts of tension and also smoking dope can be viewed as a short-lived release from this stress

Experiment/ take risks

Youngsters, men specifically, can be vulnerable to taking higher risks and also to experiment more than people of various other ages.


Many religious beliefs stress the relevance of smoking marijuana to locate oneself mentally.


Cannabis is understood to be a painkiller for various disorders. For girls, it can be especially handy in fighting duration pains.


As well as finally, there may be some evidence that a propensity to be addicted to mind-altering substances might be genetic.

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